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I am Bjarte Ytterland, born 1954, living and working in Ålesund, where I have my own art gallery. Long experienced illustrator and graphic designer, and for the last twenty years known as one of Norways leading maritime artists. I have had exhibitions in Norway, and several times international. I have clients mainly in shipping, shipbuilding, seafood industry, banking, insurance, private collectors etc.

I was born and raised with one foot in the Atlantic Ocean. For the last five-six years I've been diving at some of the worlds finest and exotic dive-sites; the Norwegian coast,

the Mediterranian Ocean, in Egypts Red Sea, in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Pacific Ocean.

The beauty of the coral reefs and the colorful underwater world has inspired me to take my marine art to a new level: Contemporary art based on these fantastic experiences.

In Norway these paintings have become very popular, and now I am looking forward to exhibit them in top galleries in the worlds major cities. Hope to see you at an exhibition soon.



{Bjarte Ytterland 2008}